A Cat Fight For Insurance

Cats have been favorite pets of people for many centuries and just like any important asset they need to be insured. However, the endless options of cat health insurance available require a pet owner to analyze them carefully before purchasing one. Those that want to be a cat owner should know that the hobby would call for lots of time and money.

Veterinary bills will likely make up most of the expense for cats, outside of grooming and food. However, this can be compounded by unexpected costs like the use of boarding kennels, should you, the pet owner, be hospitalized and unable to attend to your cat while its under the care of a vet.

New studies have discovered that one out of three pet owners have been forced to make unscheduled visits to animal doctors over the past two years. Leaving the health of your cat to chance is not a wise decision.

Pet owners may be surprised when they receive their veterinary bills. For instance, treating a dog with a heart ailment can cost as much as $1,000, while treating a cat with a broken leg might cost as high as $300. Of course, your location (part of the country) may play a large part in the actual cost.

Spending For Cats Rockets

Various studies in the UK have found a sharp increase in the amount cat owners spend for their beloved pets. And ab average cat owner exhausts an average of £476 annually. Expenses in the Uk and the US include food, bedding, toys and most of important of all veterinary bills. In total, costs for taking of a cat can reach as high as £4bn every year.

Recent trends reveal a sharp rise in pet owners buying insurance for their cats to cover cattery costs, veterinary bills and the expenses to advertise for a lost pet. Insuring a cat for a year costs £865 on average, and this will give pet owners confidence about the condition of their much-adored feline companion.

Hardcore pet owners even go as far as treating their cats with gifts, or thet shower them with numerous presents during Christmas. Women are more likely to give their pets gifts, a purchase around 50% to stuff a stocking full of gifts.

If your cat becomes sick, you'll want to immediately provide the best care possible without much consideration of how much the treatment will cost.

A Healthy Pets' cat insurance will give you the peace of mind of having a pet insurance company that is very dependable.

One out of three pets requires veterinary treatment annually, so pet insurance is an important consideration. When your cat encounters an illness, Healthy Pets will be there to help give the best treatment available.

Terms of Healthy Pets cat insurance

- Customers will only pay the pet insurance premium quote supplied by Healthy Pets. The Insurance Premium Tax is included, and monthly direct debiting is free of charge.

- Claims for car insurance are settled fairly and promptly.

- No premium penalties will be charged for the succeeding yearís coverage, if the pet owner needs to make a claim on his insurance.

- Healthy Petsí business is only limited to pet insurance. The company will not offer pet owners car, home or life insurance.

- Premiums are very competitive and covers most breeds.

Healthy Pets is the logical choice, if a pet owner is looking for an insurance company that cares. Given its specialty in animal insurance, Healthy Pets understands taking care of cats and dogs.

Healthy Pets is sanctioned by the Financial Services Authority and is underwritten by AXA Insurance UK Plc.


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