Insurance For Your Beloved Cat And Dog

Giving love to your pet cat and dog is not enough to call yourself a responsible pet owner. Pets do need love but they should also be entitled to the right environment, exercise, activity levels, stimulation, nutrition and health care.

Those aspiring to become pet owners should realize treating a dog and cat the right way will require a lot of money and time. A large portion of a pet budget will be allocated to vet bills and this will be made worse by other costs such as hiring pet sitters or renting a boarding kennel if the owner to needs be away from his beloved cat or dog.

Various surveys show that 75% pet owners made unscheduled visits veterinarians in the past couple of years. Risking a pet’s health to fate is not advisable as chances are your pet will become sick sometime in the future.

Getting pet insurance is one way of ensuring that your cat and dog will have a healthy and happy life. Choosing the right pet insurance can be confusing, given the wide selection of policies available in the market.

Examples of pet insurance plans

Tesco Pet Insurance

- Tesco has an array of policies, which can be tailored to the needs of the pet owner’s cat and dog.

- Tesco provides coverage for older cats and dogs even. An old pet can be insured for the rest of its life.

- Most breeds of cats and dogs are qualified for insurance. However, dogs with breeds should be enrolled before they are of 6 years old..

Terms of Healthy Pets cat insurance

- Clients will only be required to pay the pet health care insurance premium quote provided by Healthy Pets.

- No premium penalties for coverage during the succeeding year if the pet owner needs to make claims on his pet health care insurance.

- Healthy Pets’ business is restricted to pet health care insurance. The company will not market car, home or life insurance.

- Competitive premiums and covers most variety of breeds.

Healthy Pets is the logical choice if a pet owner is looking for a health care insurance company that cares for his cat and dog. Given its extensive experience in animal insurance, Healthy Pets clearly understands what should be done in taking care of pets.

Healthy Pets is approved by the Financial Services Authority and is underwritten by AXA Insurance UK Plc.

Petwise Insurance

Petwise offers health care insurance for pet cats and dogs. Three stages of pet health insurance coverage that can be suited to the demands of the cat and dog. Bronze policy will cover as much as £1,000, while the Silver and Gold policies go as high as £3,000 and £5,000 respectively.

Many pet health care insurance companies limits payments for conditions to the first year only. The Endsleigh Pet Insurance policy does not have a time limit on when the policy can be claimed and coverage of conditions. Endsleigh also offers coverage for dogs and cats that die due to an illness or injury. The original purchase price of the cat or dog can be partially reimbursed.

However, this benefit cannot be applied to dogs aged 9 years old or cats 11 years old and up. Cost to advertise a lost cat or dog can also be claimed.

Endsleigh Insurance Services also has a helpline that helps pet owners in track down the most accessible veterinary office whenever they are away from home and the animal needs immediate medical attention.


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