Comparing The Top Pet Insurance Companies

A responsible pet owner is someone who not only gives special care to the animal. It now has become a requirement for the pets to also receive the right stimulation, exercise, activity levels, environment, health care and nutrition.

Those that want to become true pets owners should realize that the hobby will not be cheap and require a huge amount of time to be good at. Veterinary bills eat up a major part of a pet ownerís budget and will be added up with unexpected costs such as renting boarding kennels or hiring pet sitters.

Given the wide selection of pet insurance available in the market, customers should be very careful studying the terms and policies offered by each company. Below is data about some well-established and popular pet insurance companies to help consumers compare and determine what is best suited for the.


- Features three level of pet insurance coverage that can be suited to the needs of the pet.

- Bronze policy will cover up to £1,000, while the Silver and Gold policies go as high as £3,000 and £5,000 respectively.

- Some illnesses could cause discomfort for the dog for life. Compared to other insurance companies, Endsleigh covers the dog for continuous claims up until the policy limit.

The Endsleigh Pet Health Insurance also covers pets that pass away because of injury or sickness. Dog owners can also reimburse a part of the petís original retail price if it is lost or stolen.

However, pet owners that have dogs aged 9 and above cannot qualify for the benefit.

Tesco Pet Insurance

- Compared to other providers of pet health care insurance Tesco provides coverage for old dogs and even those over eight years old. Old dogs can have insurance for the rest of its lifetime.

- Vet fees are automatically included and Tesco has advice lines that can be contacted anytime of the day.

- Compared to other pet health care insurer Tesco only requires a one-off, straightforward excess fee. Hidden charges are guaranteed non existent. Pet owners will also be aided by Direct Debit in budgeting costs.

Most breeds of dogs are covered.

Direct Line

Direct Line currently serves over 5 million clients in the UK and has a wide portfolio of insurance products that is comparatively larger than most of its rivals. Services can be purchased through the phone or online. Direct Line also provides services to other countries such as Germany, Spain and Italy. Direct Lineís success in the financial sector can be attributed to its outstanding line of services and products, competitive prices, a dependable customer service team and a motivated workforce.

Direct Line covers cats and dogs:

However, those considered high-risk such as working animals and dangerous dogs are will be accepted due, as they have a significant of getting sick or hurt. In addition, Direct Line requires the animal to be satisfactory physical condition during the starting date of the policy..

Essential policy:

Direct Lineís essential pet insurance policy covers vet's fees for a max of a 12-month treatment for each injury, illness or disease, as much as £4,000 for every condition. Claims are high compared to other policies.

Advanced policy:

Under Direct Line pet insurance advanced policy, vetís fees are covered as high as £6,000 per each condition. No time restriction on reaching the amount compare to the offering of other pet insurance companies.


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