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Vol I, Issue #28 Week 51 - December 23, 2010

"The Boys" say,  


Merry Christmas One And All!

Although this photo >>> is not a photo of one of "The Boys", we thought he pretty much reflects how they might look on Christmas morning.

We hope you have a very Merry Christmas, and we are looking forward to seeing you again on a regular basis.

* * * * * *

We're back!

Long time "no see"! You probably noticed we haven't been here for a very long while!

Unfortunately, there was a lot going on in our collective (Chuck, Karen and "The Boys") "real life" (as they say), since about April, to be exact. So some of the things I was doing had to take a bac
k seat.  

Alas. One of those "back seaters" was our "Cat's Meow"!

I'm sorry I've been missing for all these months, and I appreciate that you've stayed with us.
Thank you for continuing to be one of our loyal subscribers, even though we fizzled out on you with our plans this year for a weekly ezine.  You may even have forgotten that you signed up for "Cat's Meow" in the first place.  If so, I hope you stick around for the New Year and the resurrection of our weekly "Cat's Meow"!
Although we may change its name

Also during this "away" time, we discovered that some of the items in our Itty Bitty Shoppe for Kitty store (and at Kittens 'n Things) somehow disappeared. So we'll be spending some time recreating that.

* * * * * *

So, to begin, with this issue, I'm letting you know our #1 "New Year's Resolution" regarding cats...that is, after the first of the year, the "Cat's Meow" will once again be delivered to you on a regular weekly publication schedule.

So look for us in your e-box Saturday, January 8. I'm choosing January 8 to give you plenty of time to get rested up from all your Santa doings.

In the meantime, 
if you haven't already, drop by Kittens 'n Things, our blog.  We re-started that a couple of months ago, and we're on the track now to keep it up and going again. 

Karen and "The Boys"

Karen McGreevey
The Cat's Meow

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P.S. We have the most AWESOME readers on the planet! This means YOU! And we're "jumping up and down excited" to WELCOME all the new subscribers that have joined our weekly "reader's circle." Feel free to share "The Cat's Meow" with your "furrry" friends and their "beans!" Or at least give them the link to our sign-up box at Kittens 'n Things. They'll thank you for their very own copy. 
In this Issue
  • Days of Our Meows:  Boys Will Be Boys
  • Taking Care of Kitty:  Kitty Health Tips and the Like
  • What's New Pussy Cat?  Know of Any New Toys or Food or Other Interesting Things for Kitties?
  • It's Your Turn:  Hi Kitties...We'd Love To Feature You (and your "Bean"), If You Want
  • Who Meow Are:  "The Boys" 
  • Manage Your Subscription: You Coming or Going?

 Days of Our Meows

Boys Will Be Boys...

I'm talking about all four.

So, here in this section each week, I'll give you the inside scoop on something one or all of them did during the week.

Or, maybe I'll look in their "little book of horrors" and find something they did from their past.

Either way, I'll have some kitty antic here.

ng Care of Kitty

Kitty Health Tips and the Like

Although things are not all mapped out yet, here we'll have some tips and other suggestions, perhaps guest writers, etc., to give you some ides on keeping your kitty healthy and safe.

If you'd like to add an article here for us or if you know of a tip you use to keep your kitty healthy that might interest our kitty readers, let me know.

 What's New Pussy Cat?

Got A New Toy or Food?

"The Boys," our "Cat Seen Investigators" (CSI), like nosing around the Internet for really cool toys and 
all kinds of things that might catch the eye of any discerning kitty.

This week, "The Boys" are taking a break from that because they're waiting for Santa.

But, they'll be all set with something new (or at least new to them), in our first of the year issue.

If you your kitty has a new treat or play toy or something that he or she wants to let us know about, we'll write about it here and share the cat love.

"The Boys" love to give the  paws up! 

"Paws" art compliments of Cat Clip Art

 It's Your Turn

We Want You

Since "The Boys" and I have been "traveling around the web," looking at all the really neat kitty blogs, we've decided we'd like to feature other kitties in this section.

So, send us your kitty's story, his or her photo, and your website link.  We'll then send it all in this spot to our readers.

We're excited to hear from you.

 Who Meow Are

The McGreeveys

I'm Karen McGreevey, "keeper of 'the kids.'" "The Boys!" at our house include:
Jonny Cat, II- named for Jonny Cat, who was in our "first family".
Michael Anthony (Mikey or Mikki - depending upon whether I spell his name or Chuck, my husband spells it) Mikey is named after an expensive line of jewelry--because he's "mighty fine"!
Daniel Boone - although he's no longer with us. We called him "Daniel" for short.
        Mikey and Daniel were true brothers - because they were from the same litter

Wild "Bill" Hicock" - who is really just "Billy"
        You probably see a pattern here about now

Buffalo Bill "Cody" - unfortunately is also "gone." He left us a little too young.
Jim "Bowie" - we call him "Bowie" (Booie), although as the "baby" he could easily be called the "brat" but that wouldn't be nice!
Chuck - daddy of "The Boys," and husband of Karen.

All six
were/are Purebred Persians with babydoll faces. (Their faces are sprinkled throughout this ezine, on the left side of each topic page.) They do not have the really smashed nose, which is a characteristic of some Persians.

Except, Jonny; he's close--"by a nose!"

If you have questions about
"Kittens 'n Things," or our little store, "Itty Bitty Shoppe for Kitty," or if you'd like to see something particular in our ezine some week, feel free to contact me at karen@kittensandmittensandthings.com
We publish each week on Saturdays.  
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