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Vol 2, Issue #14 Week 14 - April 9, 2011

"The Boys" say,

It won't be long before Easter is here. Do you and your kitty do anything special for Easter? LIke decorate eggs? Or have an Easter Egg hunt?

We don't!

* * * * * *
Is it going to be nice enough for you and your kitty to get in some sun puddles this weekend? "The Boys" are sure going to try for the porch. Actually, they've gotten so they now "try for the porch" every day.

It's a matter of "the hand is quicker than the eye". Or in this case, who's quicker - the cat or the huuman?  

As in, when the door to the porch is opened, who manages to make a bee-line out there first?

Yours in furriendship,

Karen and  "The Boys"     

Karen McGreevey
Mews Nooz

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In this Issue
  • Days of Our Meows: Ka Boom!
  • Taking Care of Kitty:  How to Know If Your Cat Is Sick
  • What's New Pussy Cat?  FroliCat Bolt
  • It's Your TurnI Have Cat
  • Who Meow Are:  "The Boys"  
  • Manage Your Subscription: You Coming Or Going?

Days of Our Meows

Ka Boom!

Mikey and I were just doing our thing in the dining room the other morning. I was on the telephone and he was sleeping on one of the chairs. (Or he wanted me to think so–but I saw him peeking.)

All at once I heard a sort of “ripping” sound, and then a ka boom, bang, crash!

The Velcro on the hammock that attached it to the windowsill had come loose, and so the hammock crashed to the floor.

Note: No kitties were injured in this incident.

This also happened last summer, with Mikey in the hammock! At that time, luckily, he managed to do a “Rudi” (a forward flip with 1-1/2 twists), a hop, skip and a jump and landed in good health on his feet on the floor many feet away from the window and the hammock.

Scared me some, though! Probably him, too.

We may have to retire that hammock or "batten it down" better!

Photo: Jonny

Taking Care of Kitty

The Cat's "Mow" ...

Or "Me"-ow"! "My"-ow! "Mew"-ow! "My-ou" (As in anyway yoiu can say "me, me, me!")

We all love cats.

They are endlessly entertaining, cute as a button, and despite what some people might think, most are highly affectionate. Indeed, once you have the friendship of a cat you are pretty much set for life with your pet. They are highly faithful animals. That’s not to say, though, that they cannot get on your last nerve from time to time. But there’s no harm in that, really. As humans do, too. (Think husband or wife or "terrible two" child!)

Having said that, sometimes your kitty's "miaowing" can become a problem if your cat's behavior gets to a stage where he or she is more annoying than affectionate.

Particularly, when your kitty's "talking" is excessive. Or at inconvenient times in the night.

Surely you can identify numerous ways; with four boys here, some days the "miaowing" can reach a feverish pitch or frequency (throughout the day) from one or two, in particular (Mikey and Billy).

It should be said that, in comparison with a dog’s problem barking, however, a cat's miaowing is far less intrusive to neighbors and to others. Unless your kitty is cattin' outside. Nonetheless, the "tune" can be troublesome and it is not something you want to encourage. On the other hand, sometimes it's just really hard to discourage the "music", as well.

The immediate solution you ought to try is to look for why your cat is carrying on. Is he hungry? Is he in pain? Does she want attention? Or does she just fancy exercising her "soprano" vocal cords for a time?

If it is the last one, then it may be hard to come up with a solution.

If your kitty is hungry, you can feed him; if he is in pain you can treat it. However, if your cat just seems to like "miaowing" for "miaowing's" sake, then you need to think of another way.

As you might guess, this kind of "miaowing" is often simply your cat just looking for attention!

One thing you will find is that if you pick up and fuss over your little "miaower", he or she will most generally stop.

Sometimes all the little one really wants is to be the "center of your universe", and you his or hers!

 What's New Pussy Cat?

FroliCat BOLT

"The Boys," our "Cat Seen Investigators" (CSI), like to nose around the Internet for really cool toys and all kinds of stuff that might catch th
e eye of any discerning kitty.

And so, this week, "The Boys" came up with this really neat award winner (at Amazon); it's the FroliCat BOLT Interactive Laser Toy. It can entertain you and your cat for hours. Just hold it in your hand or place it on a flat surface.

The BOLT emits an automatically generated red laser pattern that will have your kitty leaping, jumping, and batting with glee. Use it in automatic mode and watch your pet chase random patterns, or try manual mode and aim the laser dot wherever you like.

You can create your own exciting laser patterns. You can also adjust the mirror to aim the laser across a variety of surfaces. Even the laziest cat will have a ball. An automatic shutoff feature activates after 15 minutes in either mode, or you can operate the manual on/off switch. 

The laser automatically shuts off after 15 minutes in either mode and also includes a manual on-off switch.

Note: Amazon has a video on their site that "demonstrates" how the BOLT works.

"The Boys" are  pretty certain they have lots of furriends who will like this FroliCat BOLT and so it gets  paws up!

"Paws" art compliments of Cat Clip Art

 It's Your Turn

I Have Cat

"The Boys" and I  love to "travel around the net", meeting new furrbies and their beans, seeing old furriends and look at all of the really neat kitty blogs. Then we tell our other furriends who tell their furriends, and so on!  

This week, in case you've missed it, we're introducing you to: I Have Cat.

Tamar, author and keeper of I Have Cats, shares:  "I am a single female Manhattanite, and I Have Cat (s). I refuse to fall prey to the “Cat Lady” stereotype. I wear my cat-hair-free black clothing like a badge of honor. If you passed me on the street you would never know.

And then there were three…

KIP is my “first born” and was adopted while I was dating a man long-distance with two cats of his own. Kip is my curious, social and nurturing kitty, always ready to bathe the fosters upon moments of arrival. 

Thanks to Kip I will never have “real” furniture again. He does not like to be held but is tolerant about it. His body goes stiff and I can almost hear him repeating the mantra “mind over body, mind over body.”  <<<

Nicknames: Kippie, Kipper, Kipster, Kippy-Cat, Good Looking.

PETIE is so painfully shy most of my friends have never seen him in-person. He is the face of I HAVE CAT (well at least his nose is).

Petie eats his emotions. While he can come off as the “dumb blond,” I’m convinced there’s a playboy trapped inside that husky 20lb frame. He does not like to be held and pretends the fosters do not exist. >>>

Nicknames: Big Boy, Petie Pita Pocket, Fluffer McFlutterpants, Petie Pants, Petie Pantaloon.

Haddie (aka little girl) is my failed foster. I nursed her through a very bad herpes infection which left her eyes damaged.   <<<

Kip mothers her and she is always trying to play with Petie to no avail. 

I must confess, she’s illegitimate. I haven’t done the paperwork to make her official. It’s a loop hole really because we all know three is the cat tipping point."

* * * * *

And "The Boys" and I say that if all the above fun ^ ^ ^ isn't enough, take a click over to I Have Cat's YouTube Channel...for a teaser on staying shape with Cat Flexing.

Thanks for joining us this week, Tamar! It's really been fun.

 Who Meow Are

The McGreeveys 

I'm Karen McGreevey, "keeper of the kids." "The Boys" at our house include:

Jonny Cat, II - named for Jonny Cat, who was in our "first
family," and for a sack of cat litter. I'll have to tell you that story one of these days.
Michael Anthony (Mikey or Mikki - depending upon whether I spell his name or Chuck, my husband, spells it). Mikey is named after an expensive line of jewelry--because he's "mighty fine"!
Daniel Boone - Although Daniel's no longer with us. We called him "Daniel" for short. And he and Mikey were "true brothers" as they were from the same litter. 
Wild "Bill" Hickok - Who is really just "Billy".
Buffalo Bill "Cody" - Unfortunately, is also "gone". He left us way too young.
Jim "Bowie" - We call him "Bowie" (Booie), although as the "baby" he could easily be called the "brat" but that wouldn't be nice! 
Chuck - The daddy of "The Boys", and husband of Karen.

All six were/are Purebred Persians, with baby doll faces. (Their faces are sprinkled throughout this ezine, on the left-side of each topic section.) They do not have the really smashed nose, which is a characteristic of some Persians.

Except Jonny;  he's close - "by a nose"!

* * * * * *

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