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Vol 2, Issue #11 Week 11 - March 19, 2011

"The Boys" say, 


This has been some week, hasn't it?

Our hearts and purryers go out to all our kitty and woofie friends and their families in Japan.

* * * * *
If you haven't heard, Tuesday, March 15, was the 15th birthday of Petfinder.com. To help commemorate their day, Petfinder held an "Adopt the Internet Day" to help get the word out about all the kitties and woofies around the country that are in need of "forever homes".

"The Boys" and I participated, as did many of those in the Catblogosphere. You can read about it at Kittens 'n Things, as well as at Petfinder.com.
* * * * *
And then we got an email from Katherine at Purina Pet Chow

They are doing a major, country-wide search for a first ever Purina "Cat Chow" Correspondent. I'm sharing the details below in "What's New Pussy Cat".

This is your chance, Kitties and Huuumans! Check it out!

* * * * *
Anyone want to take a guess as to who this laid back "little helper" is?  >>>

Yours in furriendship,

Karen and "The Boys"     

Karen McGreevey
Mew's Nooz

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In this Issue
  • Days of Our Meows:  Jonny Lost His Lower Left Canine Tooth
  • Taking Care of Kitty:  Oh No, Not the "B" (Bored) Word Again!
  • What's New Pussy Cat?  Purina Cat Chow Correspondentt
  • It's Your Turn:  Ginger  Jasper?
  • Who Meow Are:  "The Boys"  
  • Manage Your Subscription: You Coming Or Going?

Days of Our Meows

Jonny Lost His Lower Left Canine Tooth

It was a big surprise to us to have Jonny come "talking to us" Monday morning and when he opened his mouth to say his next sentence, Chuck noticed Jonny's lower left canine tooth was gone!

As in it looks like the tooth has broken off.

How this happened is anyone's guess. Now, if we were talking about Billy or Mikey, the answer would be quite simple as both of them lost incisor front teeth because they like those plastic holders that hold six-packs of pop together.

They have stuck their teeth into the plastic, got caught and then have jerked away.

With teeth no longer in tact.

Luckily, Jonny doesn't do that!

So, unless we "catch
Jonny in the act", doing something with his canine tooth on the lower right side of his mouth, the mystery of the lost left tooth will most likely remain one of those sweet mysteries of life.

'cause right now he's not talking!

Taking Care of Kitty

Oh No, Not the "B" (Bored) Word Again!

Believe it or not, we do have other cats besides Mikey. However, he seems to be the one I write about the most; probably because he makes more stories for me to tell! 

Over time, I've moaned and groaned about his rambunctious nature and his flying leaps from the back of the couch straight to the floor. Or the times, he'll stand with his hind legs on the arm of the couch to lean with his front paws on the computer keyboard so he can stare at the computer screen.

And then, of course, there are times when he'll sit on my lap and put his head on the keyboard on top of my fingers, and slobber a bit as he watches the words form on the computer screen. 

He'll often keep up with one or more of these activities, sometimes alternating, for as long as it takes me to change my behavior! Me! Which usually means I'll go get him something to eat.

I'm rethinking my activity now, as I'm thinking all this "rebel rousing" is just Mikey being bored and wanting attention.  

So to test my theory, the next time he started his mischief, I picked him up and held him (he loves to be held on his back) and cuddled and rocked him as you might a baby.  Then we went for a walk--well, I went for a "walk around the house", and he "rode" in my arms--still on his back. Of course, all this time "we are having a conversation." 

By now, he's ready to move a bit so I put him on the floor and he got a hold of "my apron strings" to "bat around".

After that, he was content and "good to go"- take his bath and then a nap!

Moral of the story:
Like with kids,  you gotta give your kitty attention and keep him "unbored". Just a few minutes, really, is all it takes. And you can then go about your business, and he can settle in for his nap. 

 What's New Pussy Cat?

Purina Cat Chow Correspondent

"The Boys," our "Cat Seen Investigators" (CSI), like nosing around the Internet for really cool toys and all kinds of stuff that might catch the eye of any discerning kitty.

This time, a really neat opportunity came to us in the form of an email, which I want to share with you as this might just be something you want to do. So I'm breaking a bit from "my tradition" here, to include the email from Purina Cat Chow. It's a terrific opportunity for a Cat Lover and his or her cat!

Here's what Katherine from Purina Cat Chow wrote:

"Purina Cat Chow, is in the middle of a nationwide search for the first-ever “Purina Cat Chow Correspondent.This person will travel the country on behalf of Purina Cat Chow connecting with fellow cat owners. The Purina Cat Chow Correspondent is a one-year position and will offer a $50,000 salary – and the selected person can even keep their day job.

I posted this at Kittens 'n Things this week; in case you missed it, here are the details:

Calling All Cat Lovers!

Purina Cat Chow has kicked off a nationwide search to find the first-ever Purina Cat Chow Correspondent, an individual who will travel the country and connect with fellow cat owners. The Purina Cat Chow Correspondent will earn a one-year, $50,000 compensation and will share his or her experiences on catchow.com and Purina Cat Chow’s social media channels.  

The Purina Cat Chow Correspondent should be a passionate and knowledgeable cat owner with a vibrant personality and interest in learning and sharing about the cat-owner relationship. No formal training or expertise is required to apply!

From now until March 28, 2011, consumers can apply for the Purina Cat Chow Correspondent position on catchow.com. Consumers must complete a brief application and upload a photo of themselves with their cat to be considered for the position. The selected Purina Cat Chow Correspondent will be announced by May 15, 2011, and the position will run from May 15, 2011 to May 15, 2012.

"The Boys" are "thrilled" with this announcement from Purina Cat Chow, and give it  
 paws up!

We're looking forward to hearing that one of you applied and got accepted! 

"Paws" art compliments of Cat Clip Art

 It's Your Turn

Ginger Jasper

"The Boys" and I  love to "travel around the net", meeting new furrbies, seeing old furriends and loo at all of the really neat kitty blogs. We hope to feature you and them all here in "It's Your Turn."  Then we tell our other furriends who tell their furriends, and so on!  

One of our "very newest furriends" is, Ginger Jasper. Carol, GJ's mum, put together this little picture and word montage for us to share:

"I have always loved cats and especially ginger ones, ever since my grandfather got me a ginger kitten at two years old, he was my companion for twenty years

I was working as a manager for a sheltered housing for the elderly, which required me to live in. There were no pets allowed. I adopted secretly a lovely Persian who had been a breed cat and had become passed her sell by date, she was going to be put to sleep. 

I figured that if she had never been out then she would be fine in secret and she was, although my residents found out, loved her and kept her secret for many years.

Now to Jasper. A very good friend asked me to come look at a litter of Persian kittens with him as he wanted to get one for a mutual friend. I went and saw the kittens, two blue, two cream and a gorgeous red (ginger). I was asked which would our friend like. It was so obvious to me as I spent al my time cuddling the ginger. I thought maybe I would get to see him sometimes.
On my birthday a few weeks later I was handed a cat carrier with, you guessed it the gorgeous ginger kitten. He was for me all along. 

What a present. 

Just one problem--how on earth could I keep him a secret too?  I did, and like Dolly the residents kept the secret too. Dolly hated him, but came to love him, and he her.  

Shortly after moving to our now home Dolly passed away. Barrie, who said he was not a cat person, has come to love Jasper so very much, and jasper him, he has Barrie wrapped around his paw. I can honestly say that I have never before had a cat  as loving, affectionate  and good natured as jasper.
11 years later Tinytots Caramar Toffee (Jasper) is our cat, our friend and our everything. We so love our GJ.

I hope that is not too much rambling Karen as I did try and condense it as much as I could. 

GJ has become quite the cat in the blog circles and everyone seems to love him too. I included a couple of photos of Jasper when he first came and a couple of recent ones. Hope all this is ok."

* * * * *
"The Boys" and I had such fun reading about "Ginger Jasper". And Carol, you can "ramble" on all you want. We loved GJs story. 

Dear Readers, you're probably already one paw over there. but if not, "stop over" to see GJ and Carol for yourself.

Photos source: Carol and Ginger Jasper

 Who Meow Are

The McGreeveys 

I'm Karen McGreevey, "keeper of the kids." "The Boys" at our house include:

Jonny Cat, II - named for Jonny Cat, who was in our "first
family," and for a sack of cat litter. I'll have to tell you that story one of these days.
Michael Anthony (Mikey or Mikki - depending upon whether I spell his name or Chuck, my husband, spells it). Mikey is named after an expensive line of jewelry--because he's "mighty fine"!
Daniel Boone - Although Daniel's no longer with us. We called him "Daniel" for short. And he and Mikey were "true brothers" as they were from the same litter. 
Wild "Bill" Hickok - Who is really just "Billy".
Buffalo Bill "Cody" - Unfortunately, is also "gone". He left us way too young.
Jim "Bowie" - We call him "Bowie" (Booie), although as the "baby" he could easily be called the "brat" but that wouldn't be nice! 
Chuck - The daddy of "The Boys", and husband of Karen.

All six were/are Purebred Persians, with babydoll faces. (Their faces are sprinkled throughout this ezine, on the left-side of each topic section.) They do not have the really smashed nose, which is a characteristic of some Persians.

Except Jonny;  he's close - "by a nose"!

* * * * * *

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