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Vol 2, Issue #12 Week 12 - March 26, 2011

"The Boys" say,

Wednesday, March 23, was Bowie's 13th birthday! His brothers decidebowied to call a truce that day and everyone let him have first dibs when it came to snack time.

Then, he spent his afternoon taking a nap in his favorite spot...on the toilet seat lid! After his morning was taken up "lounging" on the big bed!

Bowie also wanted me to "thank" all of you for stopping by Kittens 'n Things and for wishing him a happy birthday.

Now he says "bring on 14"!

* * * * * *
Last week, we asked, "Anyone want to take a guess as to who this laid back "little helper" is?" No one ventured a guess, so I'll tell you.

It's none other than Ginger Jasper!

* * * * * *
We're signed up at Facebook. So if you're there, too, drop by sometime and say "hi" or something. We have a long way to go before we get the fan page set up the way we want it, but we're getting there.

Also along that line, we've managed to get some more of the past issues of Mews Nooz uploaded to the Mews Nooz section of Kittens 'n Things. As you look around, you will see that in the beginning our ezine was called "Cat's Meow"!

* * * * * *
We hope you have a terrific weekend, and we'll see you next time!

Yours in furriendship,

Karen and "The Boys"     

Karen McGreevey
Mew's Nooz

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In this Issue
  • Days of Our Meows:  Jonny and the Bed
  • Taking Care of Kitty:  It's the Same Old, Same Old
  • What's New Pussy Cat?  Purina Cat Chow Correspondent
  • It's Your TurnWe Want You!
  • Who Meow Are:  "The Boys"  
  • Manage Your Subscription: You Coming Or Going?

Days of Our Meows

Jonny and the Bed

If you read Mews Nooz often or follow our words at Kittens 'n Things, you know I've often said "The Boys" are sort of "lazy bums". And their award last year in the "Cat-O-Lympics" for "their sleeping" expertise sort of "sealed the deal" in their minds, apparently. 

'cause Jonny has taken it to heart!

So much so, that now there's "no bed blanket that goes unturned!" In fact, no matter how many times you make the bed, as quickly as 5 minutes later (or when you leave the room, actually) you'll find the covers in complete disarray and a "Jonny lump" in one area of the bed.

Either with his head sticking out of one of the blankets or as a still, log-like bulge.

Photo source: Unknown

Taking Care of Kitty

It's the Same Old, Same Old

I think I've finally figured out why Mikey takes it upon himself t3boys-1997o jump on me at odd hours of the early morning--like between 4 and 5 a.m.

Or Billy will climb onto my lap shortly after he eats. And Bowie will make it a point to come downstairs every night around 9 p.m. or so and sit by the kitchen door--waiting for a bed snack.

And, unless we call him, Jonny will come to eat after all of the others have cleaned their plates!

These activities were even apparent when Snowflake was still with us. She'd sit in the south window, waiting for "the car" to pull into the driveway. She'd then jump down from the window and make a bee-line for the front door to meet us as we walked in the door.

These guys like routine!

And over the years, we've helped them develop "their routines," while they manage ours as well.

So while it might seem to you like your kitty is bored or otherwise disengaged in what you want him or her to do, chances are it's really your kitty trying to engage you in what he or she wants to do.

I've also noticed that if I go to bed later at night than I usually do, Billy will either already be upstairs waiting for me...or, he will come down to get me. He may also even sit at the foot of the steps "hoping, most likely" that I will hurry up and go upstairs so he can go to bed.

And when I say, "come on, let's go to bed", it's like the "cows are coming home", or I'm the Pied Piper, as they all slowly get in line and follow me upstairs!

I love it!

So, since it's apparent your kitty needs a routine as much as you do (although you can deviate from yours occasionally) it's good to feed your kitty at the same time -- or to keep to as reasonable a schedule as possible for her. This includes your "comings and goings" from your home, what you play for music or TV while you're gone, and your thought to what your kitty will eat and when!

Photo: "The Tiny Tots"; Jonny, left; Mikey, middle; Daniel, right
from when we first got "The Boys"

 What's New Pussy Cat?

Purina Cat Chow Correspondent

Note: I am running the information below again for good measure, in case you didn't see it the first time, as the closing date for applying for the position is March 28.

"The Boys," our "Cat Seen Investigators" (CSI), like nosing around the Internet for really cool toys and all kinds of stuff that might cat
ch the eye of any discerning kitty.

This time, a really neat opportunity came to us in the form of an email, which I want to share with you as this might just be something you want to do. So I'm breaking a bit from "my tradition" here, to include the email from Purina Cat Chow. It's a terrific opportunity for a Cat Lover and his or her cat!

Here's what Katherine from Purina Cat Chow wrote:

"Purina Cat Chow, is in the middle of a nationwide search for the first-ever “Purina Cat Chow Correspondent.This person will travel the country on behalf of Purina Cat Chow connecting with fellow cat owners. The Purina Cat Chow Correspondent is a one-year position and will offer a $50,000 salary – and the selected person can even keep their day job.

I posted this at Kittens 'n Things this week; in case you missed it, here are the details:

Calling All Cat Lovers!

Purina Cat Chow has kicked off a nationwide search to find the first-ever Purina Cat Chow Correspondent, an individual who will travel the country and connect with fellow cat owners. The Purina Cat Chow Correspondent will earn a one-year, $50,000 compensation and will share his or her experiences on catchow.com and Purina Cat Chow’s social media channels.  

The Purina Cat Chow Correspondent should be a passionate and knowledgeable cat owner with a vibrant personality and interest in learning and sharing about the cat-owner relationship. No formal training or expertise is required to apply!

From now until March 28, 2011, consumers can apply for the Purina Cat Chow Correspondent position on catchow.com. Consumers must complete a brief application and upload a photo of themselves with their cat to be considered for the position. The selected Purina Cat Chow Correspondent will be announced by May 15, 2011, and the position will run from May 15, 2011 to May 15, 2012.

"The Boys" are
"thrilled" with this announcement from Purina Cat Chow, and give it  

 paws up!

We're looking forward to hearing that one of you applied and got accepted! 

"Paws" art compliments of Cat Clip Art

 It's Your Turn

We want You

"The Boys" and I  love to "travel around the net", meeting new furrbies, seeing old furriends and loo at all of the really neat kitty blogs. We hope to feature you and them all here in "It's Your Turn."  Then we tell our other furriends who tell their furriends, and so on! 

So here in this spot each week we're talking about your, our kitty readers and your mommy, daddy, sister or maybe even the whole family.

That's your invitation.

If you want us to talk about you in this spot, please send your information to me at karen@kittensandmittensandthings.com by any given Friday noon, eastern time.

You could include your photo (cat photo) and/or your mom and dad bean's photo, too. Your blog address or web site address. And tell us a little bit about you in 2 or 3 paragraphs.

And I'll include you in the next issue of Mews Nooz. If you have questions about this, please don't hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you.

 Who Meow Are

The McGreeveys 

I'm Karen McGreevey, "keeper of the kids." "The Boys" at our house include:

Jonny Cat, II - named for Jonny Cat, who was in our "first
family," and for a sack of cat litter. I'll have to tell you that story one of these days.
Michael Anthony (Mikey or Mikki - depending upon whether I spell his name or Chuck, my husband, spells it). Mikey is named after an expensive line of jewelry--because he's "mighty fine"!
Daniel Boone - Although Daniel's no longer with us. We called him "Daniel" for short. And he and Mikey were "true brothers" as they were from the same litter. 
Wild "Bill" Hickok - Who is really just "Billy".
Buffalo Bill "Cody" - Unfortunately, is also "gone". He left us way too young.
Jim "Bowie" - We call him "Bowie" (Booie), although as the "baby" he could easily be called the "brat" but that wouldn't be nice! 
Chuck - The daddy of "The Boys", and husband of Karen.

All six were/are Purebred Persians, with babydoll faces. (Their faces are sprinkled throughout this ezine, on the left-side of each topic section.) They do not have the really smashed nose, which is a characteristic of some Persians.

Except Jonny;  he's close - "by a nose"!

* * * * * *

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