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Vol 2, Issue #7 Week 7 - February 19, 2011

"The Boys" say, 

Hello ,

How has your week been?

What about your Valentine's Day? I visited a lot of the cat blogs on Valentine's Day and saw so many cute Valentine's decorations and read a lot of special Valentine's messages.

Has your kitty been doing anything out of the ordinary?

Mikey "got his rambunctious" groove on a few days ago. You can read about it below in "Days of Our Meows". And I"ll also post it at Kittens 'n Things later for those who don't get a chance to read it here first.

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Yours in furriendship,

Karen and "The Boys"     

Karen McGreevey
Mew's Nooz

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In this Issue
  • Days of Our Meows:  Maybe We Could Bottle Mikey's "Rambunctiousness"!
  • Taking Care of Kitty:  Is Your Kitty Bored
  • What's New Pussy Cat?  Outdoor Heated Kitty Camper
  • It's Your Turn:  Sweet Praline and Mom Paula
  • Who Meow Are:  "The Boys"  
  • Manage Your Subscription: You Coming Or Going?

Days of Our Meows

Maybe We Could Bottle Some of Mikey's "Rambunctiousness"!

This cat is 13 going on 14 (July 1) ...but nobody's told him! Or he forgot! And so, most days he's got more energy and mischief than the other three combined.

One of his most recent incidents to "confirm" this statement happened on a recent Sunday morning.

After church on Sundays, we often have coffee and bakery rolls. Mikey hMikey-in-boxas become a "fan" of the rolls because one or two of them have "cream" (frosting) on top. The Sunday in question, Mikey happened to be sitting nicely, upright on the back of the couch in the dining room. Chuck had put my roll on a plate and was putting the plate on the table (I was on my way into the dining room to sit down.)

At the same time Chuck said to me that my roll was ready. Mikey, being in close ear shot, heard that; he perked up (you could almost see the wheels working), looked at the table, jumped (or was it flew?) from the back
of the couch to the floor (skipping landing on the couch seat), over to the chair where I was about to sit, beat me to it, jumped up onto my chair and somehow knocked my cinnamon roll with cream from the table onto the floor!

Miraculously, the roll landed, frosting up! Actually, Chuck had put a fork into the roll before he put the roll and the plate it was on onto the table, which helped to keep the roll right-side up.

Well, Mikey got a whole lot of frosting that day!

With "shots" like that, we've been thinking about getting him signed up for one of those national basketball leagues.

What do you think?


Taking Care of Kitty

Is Your Kitty Bored?

Around here, especially in the winter, "snowstorm" often dredbored-catges up shudders in the thoughts of the mothers and fathers with little kids. Because more often than not, the kids will have no school and, as a result, will be home for the day--"Snow Day"!

Thus, mothers and fathers alike scramble about trying to find a place for the kids or  activities for them to occupy themselves with.

While most of us don't have that "what to do with kitty" trauma on a snow day, there is still often a time when your kitty becomes a bit bored with her playthings or her food or her bed.  Or her whatever!

You know what happens.

You buy one of those really neat toys you've seen advertised in your local Target or K-Mart. Or you've seen it for yourself on the shelves as you've walked past. Maybe your vet mentioned it or you've seen your neighbor's cat batting it around or carrying it in her mouth to some secret place.

You're certain your furball will enjoy the toy just as much as the others.

But the euphoria from the blinking lights or catnip lasts all of two minutes and then, like with a lot of her other toys, it gets scooted under the couch. Or you can't find it at all. Period!

So what do you do?

We've discovered "The Boys" tend to make their own fun with their own whatever it is they find.

Jonny likes to play with a mousey or a ball. Mikey will either jump into a paper sack or a cardboard box. Billy likes playing with plastic sacks or the plastic that holds pop bottles together. (He's lost two bottom front teeth because he got his teeth caught in the plastic.) And Bowie is a "couch potato" as he watches TV - a lot!

The other night, Mikey grabbed hold of my apron string as I was fixing supper.

So much like you needing to find an outlet for your kids, especially when it snows and they can't go outside, you also need a "back up" plan for when your kitty has run out of "store bought" toys to entertain her cat-self.

It's a lot less expensive, for one thing, and a lot easier to find things around the house that will entertain your kitty for a good long while.

We've even found that when ours do get bored with their toys and other playthings they occupy themselves with...that boredom with that specific thing is short-lived.

Just give your kitty a bit of time and she'll soon be back in the thick of things with that mouse, or that catnip or that box or that shoestring.

Or something entirely new that she found in her "cattin'" around the house'.

What's New Pussy Cat?

K&H Manufacturing Outdoor Heated Kitty Camper with Heated Pad

"The Boys," our "Cat Seen Investigators" (CSI), like nosing around the Internet for really cool toys and all kinds of stuff that might catch the eye of any discerning kitty. This
k, they present the ..

Outdoor Heated K
itty Camper

K&H Manufacturing
 describes the Outdoor Heated Kitty Camper as:

Protection from the cold, comfort, luxury, durability. The K&H Outdoor Thermo-Kitty Camper has it all! Utilizing our Outdoor Heated Kitty Pad as the source for warmth, this is the perfect heated shelter for any outdoor cat. Simply put it in a wood shed, garage, porch, barn or any outdoor structure and plug it in.

We've cleverly incorporated 2 doors for that "just in case" quick exit from an un-welcome visitor. We'll admit it, we thought of everything. UL listed.


  • Recommended for indoor and outdoor use
  • Shelters animal from the outdoor elements and other wildlife
  • Great for feral cat houses, porches, garages, barns or in the home
  • Thermostatically controlled to warm to your pet's normal body temperature
  • 5 1/2-foot steel wrapped cord
Note: This Kitty Camper has an 8% coupon code available for it, effective 2/14/2011 and ends 2/28/2011.  

"The Boys", are "thrilled" to give the Outdoor Heated Kitty Camper   paws up!

"Paws" art compliments of Cat Clip Art
Note: This is an affiliate link

It's Your Turn

Sweet Praline and Mom Paula

"The Boys" and I "travel around the web," looking at
all of the really neat kitty blogs that we can feature here in "It's Your Turn." This week, we're featuring Sweet Praline, one of our "kitty readers" and her mommy, Paula.

Sweet Praline came to live with her mom (Paula) at the a
ge of 12 weeks back in December 1995. She was born on September 25, 1995 in Columbia, SC. Her mother was a Seal Point HImmie and her father was a Red Tabby Persian. You can see from the attached baby picture why Paula fell in love with that little face.

How did I come to live with my mom, Paula?

Mom was going through a divorce after 21 years of marriage and her husband took their cat, Muff, with him. Mom decided to go back to school to earn her Ph.D. and began wanting another kitty. During a visit with her sister on Thanksgiving in 1995, mom started talking about getting another kitty (Muff and the ex had been gone for a little over a year).

Mom always admired the Himmies and Persians and began checking the want ads. She even called several people and all of the babies were gone. About a week later, mom came back to Columbia (she was in Clemson working on her degree) to get her hair cut and to visit her friends at the middle school where she used to teach. She was driving by one of the local malls and saw a small pet store, so she pulled in to see if there were any kitties.  

Imagine her surprise when she saw the signs that there were Persian kittens for sale. Mom went in and talk
ed with the two owners (very nice Oriental couple) and she told them that she wanted a female Persian. The lady told my mom that the solid Persians were already sold, but she had two "pointed" Persians left; one male and one female. Mom sometimes wishes that she had bought my brother at the same time!

Mom asked the lady if she could hold me and she immediately pulled me out of the cage. I immediately clung to my mom and licked her face and started purring. Mom must have walked around the store for 45 minutes holding me, debating whether to get me or not (I wasn't cheap). While mom was walking around with me, I fell asleep in her arms. The nice owners introduced mom to my kitty parents and they were beautiful.

Mom looked at the lady and asked if they took credit (that was when she still had decent credit and the lady said yes, and the rest is history!

The owner called me Flower Face, but mom took one look at my colors and my face and said, "her name is going to be Praline." I came with papers, so mom had to come up with a formal name in order to get me registered. She decided on Paula's Sweet Praline. We had the hardest time getting my registration finalized because they couldn't decide what color I was. The CFA said I couldn't be pointed because I didn't have the eyes and I have 2 paw pads that are pink instead of dark. Finally, after sen
ding some pictures, they decided that I was a Tortie~

I am a very pampered little girl. Mom calls me a Diva! I am very finicky about what I eat and of course, I have very expensive tastes. Here are some unique things about me:

* I am not a lap kitty nor do I like to be held for more than a minutes. However, I love to be brushed and petted.
* I like to have my belly rubbed. When mom rubs my belly, I just stretch my front paws way up in the air to make sure she gets my whole belly.
* I like to sleep in front of the AC vent.
* Mom puts my water bowl below the AC vent, so it is always cool. I do not like the water fountains, though.
* I love treats and will harass my mom endlessly to get them.
* I only weigh 7 lbs, 8 oz. Everyone things that I am bit, but it's all fur.
* Unfortunately, I do leave a lot of hairballs on the carpet for mom to step into. She is pretty embarrassed about some of the stains!
* I will sit and watch TVG with my mom. I love to watch Cesar, the dog whisperer.
* I don't like to play with toys that make noise.
* I've never scratched on the furniture. I always use my scratching post.
* I love fev-vers, but only when I want to play with them.
* I don't like to lie down on anything really soft (blanket, cat bed, etc.). I prefer the hallway carpet or the tiled floor in the bathroom.
* I'm not allowed to go outside. There have been a few times during my 4 years of life that I've actually slipped out of the door when mom opened it but she quickly scooted me back inside.
* I love to lick my mom's face!
* I will eat my stinky goodness directly from my mom's fingers.

You can follow along with Sweet Praline and Mom Paula here.

Note from Karen and "The Boys": In case you didn't know, Sweet Praline has been feeling a bit "under the weather" for a few weeks now. So we're sending our thoughts and purryers to her to get back to eating better. And perhaps you can send your healing thoughts, too.

ho We Meow Are

The McGreeveys 

I'm Karen McGreevey, "keeper of the kids." "The Boys" at our house include:

Jonny Cat, II - named for Jonny Cat, who was in our "first family," and for a sack of cat litter. I'll have to tell you that story one of these days.
Michael Anthony (Mikey or Mikki - depending upon whether I spell his name or Chuck, my husband, spells it). Mikey is named after an expensive line of jewelry--because he's "mighty fine"!
Daniel Boone - Although Daniel's no longer with us. We called him "Daniel" for short. And he and Mikey were "true brothers" as they were from the same litter. 
Wild "Bill" Hickok - Who is really just "Billy".
Buffalo Bill "Cody" - Unfortunately, is also "gone". He left us way too young.
Jim "Bowie" - We call him "Bowie" (Booie), although as the "baby" he could easily be called the "brat" but that wouldn't be nice! 
Chuck - The daddy of "The Boys", and husband of Karen.

All six were/are Purebred Persians, with babydoll faces. (Their faces are sprinkled throughout this ezine, on the left-side of each topic section.) They do not have the really smashed nose, which is a characteristic of some Persians.

Except Jonny; he's close - "by a nose"!

* * * * * *

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